Legacy Brain & Spine

Legacy Brain & Spine Clinics provide integrated care for brain and spine disorders of all levels and acuity to residents throughout Georgia and surrounding states. 


Each and every member of the Legacy team promises to provide prudent, evidence-based, comprehensive, and truly necessary brain and spine care to our patients and their loved ones.


To treat with compassion, skill, and expertise all patients experiencing a brain or spine ailment. In offering a full range of specialized minimally invasive and outpatient care, we aim to be the preferred destination for patients in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding region.



Our centers, located in Atlanta, Marietta, Tucker, Riverdale and Cartersville, offer comprehensive health assessment, diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment, and rehabilitation for traumatic and non-traumatic brain and spine injuries. We combine vanguard technologies, such as digital X-ray and upright MRI equipment, with cutting-edge minimally invasive techniques to ensure a full resolution of your health issue without unnecessarily aggressive interventions. 


The examination and diagnostic process consists of inquiring about your health history and conducting a standard physical exam, followed by neurological and orthopaedic testing. If your individual case requires it, these steps can be complemented with functional neurology, functional medicine, and applied kinesiology testing to get a 360° view of your health concern.