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Patient Stories

Dr. Elshihabi saved my husband's life.

D. Kay


He would not have made a meaningful recovery from his TBI without a skilled surgeon like Dr. Elshihabi. He is wonderful!

Our high-end clinics, MRI center and state of the art Surgery center makes it possible to do a wide range of minimally invasive procedures. These procedures greatly decrease your risk, pain, and recovery time. As a result people come to us from across the state, throughout the country, and around the globe. Our patients truly appreciate what we offer. Here are some of their stories and video testimonials testimonials.

Amazing Things are Happening Here


Emily Crane - Marietta, GA

Emily Crane from Marietta felt as if she was abandoning family when she was released from surgical care since she had come to know the Legacy Brain & Spine staff so well. She realized that their motto, “we treat you like family,” was not just something on a sign.

Derrick Kennedy - Smyrna, GA

Uncertain about his condition or what to expect, Derrick Kennedy of Smyrna was ultimately happy with his decision to call Legacy Brain & Spine. He has a new lease on life and is happy he can spend more time with his newborn.

Betty Walker - Marietta, GA

Marietta, GA, local, Betty Walker, was nervous about her looming surgery. After meeting with the staff and Dr. Elshihabi, her fears were assuaged. With all her questions and concerns addressed, she felt much more comfortable proceeding with her surgery.

Corey Purdy - Dallas, GA

Corey Purdy from Dallas, GA, found the emotional, mental, and physical support he never realized that he needed by the staff at Legacy Brain & Spine. Dealing with Spinal Chord Injury (SCI) has been much more manageable with the helpful and caring staff at Legacy Brain & Spine.

Warren Kaplan - Canton, GA

After being referred to Dr. Elshihabi, Warren Kaplan from Canton, GA, finally found relief from his back pain. He is now pain-free for over a year.

Karen Kaplan - Canton, GA

“He has hands of gold, and my life is really quite extraordinary now,” Karen beams when asked about Dr. Elshibahi. After years of back pain, Karen Kaplan from Canton, GA, no longer needs epidurals and shots to get through the day.

Dr Elshihabi willingness to take time from his very busy schedule to comfort me, always return phone call, even himself calling to pharmacy for my medication, explain things to me really made me able to face all of my fears and eased my way through the anxiety of my diagnosis and treatment. Dr Elshihabi handiwork is healing amazingly well and I am well on my way to recovery.

I am an ordinary patient of ordinary means but Dr. Said Elshihabi took care of me as if I was the most important person on earth.

I am working for NBC News, I am staff cameraman and I am being based in London, UK - my residence is in Acworth, Georgia…. Dr. Elshihabi did fit me into his very busy schedule for an immediate procedure right after I flew from London.


I was suffering and was in pain for months with herniated disc.


Knowing I do travel very frequently around the world he made sure I do receive a proper and immediate care when I came home to Acworth , GA.


Dr. Said Elshihabi could not have been more kind, caring and knowledgeable physician, he gave me so much information and always is leaving me with a positive attitude to carry on with comments and care that he suggested.


The treatment and immediate surgery he did performed; it is of great relief for a few days where I was able to do a little more than I normally do. We are very fortunate to have such a great Physician as Dr. Said Elshihabi to service in our community in Kennesaw and Acworth.


I want to tell you that Dr. Said Elshihabi is an extraordinary human being. I would like to thank him for showing so much care and concern…I am extremely grateful Dr. Elshihabi was my surgeon. Good doctors, good physician understand responsibility better than privilege and practice accountability better than business.


Traveling around the world for NBC News I am exposed to all different kind illnesses, stress of my job to cover breaking news adds to my ill health – Dr. Said Elshihabi made sure I am well look after and taken care of me during my visits

I would love to thank Dr. Said Elshihabi for all his support – medical and emotional. His contribution in my life is nothing short of magical.


I can’t speak more highly of Dr. Said Elshihabi, and would recommend him to everyone I know who suffers with spine or similar conditions or any other medical conditions. I would also like to thank the all his staff at Legacy Brain and Spine at for being friendly, quick and very accommodating.


Please can you ensure that Dr. Said Elshihabi  and Legacy Brain and Spine and the other staff concerned get a copy of this e-mail, as I really want them to know how much I appreciated their care.

Warmest regards​,

Derek Debowski NBC News

My experience with Dr. Elshihabi & his staff was a truly positive one. Before seeing Dr. Elshihabi, I had tried therapy, chiropractor, etc. I even ended in the emergency room with horrible high blood pressure from all of the pain my body was going through with my lower back issues. I found out about Legacy Spine through the chiropractor. The staff worked in scheduling me in a timely matter. He as well as his assistant, etc. were patient, seemed concerned, gave me suggestions and truly made me feel they cared and wanted to see me feeling better. I ended up having to have surgery. Prior to my surgery, I had an epidural from the Dr. He was great. The staff was all pleasant. I just wish my health insurance was better. Would recommend Legacy Brain & Spine.

A. Brioso

Dr. Elshihabi and his entire staff were warm and caring in talking with my elderly mother and me about her injury and took time to explain the options for treatment. We were nervous about the procedure considering her age, but Dr Elshihabi did a wonderful job with attentive follow up after surgery. The entire staff is wonderful, there really is a family atmosphere at his clinic. We couldn’t be more pleased with the entire experience.

T. Fendley

Dr.E. helped me find comfort. My husband and I were in a car accident. I couldn't walk comfortable on my left leg and my back at L3 and L4 are messed up. Didn't want to have surgery. Gave me a shot that I call liquidbgold help me get back to a normal life. Thank you so much Dr. E. and his staff you all are truly one in a million. You all care about your patient' and listen to them. Very hard to find a doctor that is concerned and caring. Hands down this doctor is 5 stars. I drive 1 1/2 hours just to see him.

T. Thomas

Dr. E is the best. After 12 years of chiropractic visits, medication, gluten free diets (none of which worked) I'm finally fixed. I had leg pain and lower back pain to the point that life literally sucked. I had a laminectomy procedure with Legacy and I feel like a kid again. Thank you Dr. E and your incredible staff. Only two months after surgery and I have full range of motion and absolutely no pain

B. Morris

Really like the service I have received here. The office staff is very friendly and the NP is always helpful. Even though this office is FAR from my home I will continue to come here for my care because of the great rapport.

Kim K.

Dr. Elshihabi is an excellent surgeon. He is a dedicated professional with a caring manner. He removed a meningioma from my brain and continues to provide detailed information following surgery. He effectively communicated to my family through personal emails and answered all of their questions. Communication is key and he provided peace during this difficult time. He even delayed his family vacation to be my surgeon. I am now doing great! I highly recommend Dr. Elshihabi without reservation!!

Peter P.

Dr. E The Best Surgeon Ever, No Other Doctor Would Tuch My Back Execpt Dr. E.

R.E Little

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