Dr. Elshihabi saved my husband's life.  He would not have made a meaningful recovery from his TBI without a skilled surgeon like Dr. Elshihabi. He is wonderful.


July 2014

Dr Elshihabi willingness to take time from his very busy schedule to comfort me, always return phone call, even himself calling to pharmacy for my medication, explain things to me really made me able to face all of my fears and eased my way through the anxiety of my diagnosis and treatment. Dr Elshihabi handiwork is healing amazingly well and I am well on my way to recovery.

I am an ordinary patient of ordinary means but Dr. Said Elshihabi took care of me as if I was the most important person on earth.

I am working for NBC News, I am staff cameraman and I am being based in London, UK - my residence is in Acworth, Georgia…. Dr. Elshihabi did fit me into his very busy schedule for an immediate procedure right after I flew from London.


I was suffering and was in pain for months with herniated disc.


Knowing I do travel very frequently around the world he made sure I do receive a proper and immediate care when I came home to Acworth , GA.


Dr. Said Elshihabi could not have been more kind, caring and knowledgeable physician, he gave me so much information and always is leaving me with a positive attitude to carry on with comments and care that he suggested.


The treatment and immediate surgery he did performed; it is of great relief for a few days where I was able to do a little more than I normally do. We are very fortunate to have such a great Physician as Dr. Said Elshihabi to service in our community in Kennesaw and Acworth.


I want to tell you that Dr. Said Elshihabi is an extraordinary human being. I would like to thank him for showing so much care and concern…I am extremely grateful Dr. Elshihabi was my surgeon. Good doctors, good physician understand responsibility better than privilege and practice accountability better than business.


Traveling around the world for NBC News I am exposed to all different kind illnesses, stress of my job to cover breaking news adds to my ill health – Dr. Said Elshihabi made sure I am well look after and taken care of me during my visits

I would love to thank Dr. Said Elshihabi for all his support – medical and emotional. His contribution in my life is nothing short of magical.


I can’t speak more highly of Dr. Said Elshihabi, and would recommend him to everyone I know who suffers with spine or similar conditions or any other medical conditions. I would also like to thank the all his staff at Legacy Brain and Spine at for being friendly, quick and very accommodating.


Please can you ensure that Dr. Said Elshihabi  and Legacy Brain and Spine and the other staff concerned get a copy of this e-mail, as I really want them to know how much I appreciated their care.

Warmest regards

Derek Debowski NBC News

August 2018



July 2014

Had surgery on 6/27/13. Came out of surgery pain free. Great doctor. May God continue to bless him and his practice. Shukran Dr. Elshihabi!


October 2015

I have now had 2 back surgeries from Dr. Elshihabi and both have been a smooth transition back into a normal lifestyle...


February 2017

He actually saved my life by seeing something a radiologist should have seen on my scan. Trust him completely

My experience with Dr. Elshihabi & his staff was a truly positive one. Before seeing Dr. Elshihabi, I had tried therapy, chiropractor, etc. I even ended in the emergency room with horrible high blood pressure from all of the pain my body was going through with my lower back issues. I found out about Legacy Spine through the chiropractor. The staff worked in scheduling me in a timely matter. He as well as his assistant, etc. were patient, seemed concerned, gave me suggestions and truly made me feel they cared and wanted to see me feeling better. I ended up having to have surgery. Prior to my surgery, I had an epidural from the Dr. He was great. The staff was all pleasant. I just wish my health insurance was better. Would recommend Legacy Brain & Spine.

Ani Brioso

December 2019

Dr. Elshihabi and his entire staff were warm and caring in talking with my elderly mother and me about her injury and took time to explain the options for treatment. We were nervous about the procedure considering her age, but Dr Elshihabi did a wonderful job with attentive follow up after surgery. The entire staff is wonderful, there really is a family atmosphere at his clinic. We couldn’t be more pleased with the entire experience.

Taylor Fendley

5 months ago

Dr. Elshihabi is very personable and seems to genuinely care about his patients. He came highly recommended by my primary care physician. Very pleased with the staff at Legacy Brain & Spine. They are friendly, knowledgeable, return calls promptly, and explain procedures clearly. I completely understood my diagnosis, options, and plan of action for chronic back pain.



9 months ago

I had been referred to Dr. E by another orthopaedic surgery group, that he is not affiliated with. They had such wonderful things to say about him, and said that they confidently refer their patients to him, when their own spine surgeons weren't in a convenient location for patients.  I met with Dr. E today, and can say that I was blown away.  What a kind and compassionate bedside manner he has.  He went over my MRI in detail with me, and put things in simple terms that were easily understandable, and made sure that I understood exactly what was going on with my spine. Although surgery was not what I needed at this point, he referred me to someone near my home... and got me scheduled while I was still in his office.  He is WONDERFUL!  When and if I ever need him, I will definitely be back.


April 2018

Dr. Elshihabi is an excellent surgeon. He is a dedicated professional with a caring manner. He removed a meningioma from my brain and continues to provide detailed information following surgery. He effectively communicated to my family through personal emails and answered all of their questions. Communication is key and he provided peace during this difficult time. He even delayed his family vacation to be my surgeon. I am now doing great! I highly recommend Dr. Elshihabi without reservation!!


August 2018

I appreciated your skill and bedside manner; your caring disposition and the way you made yourself available to your patients.


May 2017

Operated on me Oct of 2014, surgery was C3,4 fusion. He is a no-nonsense Surgeon, straight to the point. I healed without issues. Dr. Elshihabi did a great job, I was pain free in a few days.


Highly recommend him, If you have a issue with the process of insurance or trying to deal with the triage of health care, welcome to the real world. This Guy is Great!


February 2016

Really like the service I have received here. The office staff is very friendly and the NP is always helpful. Even though this office is FAR from my home I will continue to come here for my care because of the great rapport.

Kim K.
October 2019



Richard E Little

August 2019

Dr.E. helped me find comfort. My husband and I were in a car accident. I couldn't walk comfortable on my left leg and my back at L3 and L4 are messed up. Didn't want to have surgery. Gave me a shot that I call liquidbgold help me get back to a normal life. Thank you so much Dr. E. and his staff you all are truly one in a million. You all care about your patient' and listen to them. Very hard to find a doctor that is concerned and caring. Hands down this doctor is 5 stars. I drive 1 1/2 hours just to see him.


Tammy Thomas

August 2019

Dr. E is the best. After 12 years of chiropractic visits, medication, gluten free diets (none of which worked) I'm finally fixed. I had leg pain and lower back pain to the point that life literally sucked. I had a laminectomy procedure with Legacy and I feel like a kid again. Thank you Dr. E and your incredible staff. Only two months after surgery and I have full range of motion and absolutely no pain


Brandon Morris

10 months ago

Dr. Elshihabi is incredible! After being told over and over again I "just" had degenerative disk disease and being looked at as if I was making up how much pain I was in he was able to read my MRI and show me why I was in so much pain. I was so relieved I wasn't crazy I actually cried just knowing I wasn't crazy and there was a real issue made me feel so much better. I had back surgery 5 years prior which was a success, however when I returned to that doctor’s office he sent his assistant who saw nothing on the MRI's. Turns out after a year and a half with a wonderful pain specialist and numerous procedures and tons of narcotics I did need surgery. When I woke up from anesthesia I was completely out of pain. I don't know how to explain it other than a miracle. It has been 6 months since my procedure and I am now kicking my 11-year-old athletic sons butt in push-ups, sit ups and planks. I couldn't even put a pair of pants on without sitting down before. For me it's a total miracle!! Dr. Elshihabi is down to earth, easy to talk to, and completely humble about his incredible abilities. Humility and bedside manner is rarely found in such an incredibly talented Doctor. I hope you read this Dr. E because I am so grateful for this next chapter of my life, pain free!!


May 2016

Dr. Elshihabi was very personable and caring - and persuasive in his suggestion that corrective surgery was/is in my best interest. He recommended I receive a second opinion regarding his recommendation, which I did. I did get a second opinion, which fully confirmed both Dr. Elshihabi's diagnosis and his recommend surgical path. 


September 2013

He is an excellent surgeon and I highly recommend him.


September 2014

Dr. Elshihabi is a finely skilled Neurosurgeon. I felt as safe as one can when heading into major surgery - and I was safe through 3 surgeries. Great personality - friendly, able to translate for laypeople. The whole package.


November 2016

Dr. Elshihabi is talented and kind. He helped me through a very scary time and helped me feel comfortable. The results of his treating my spine issues are nothing short of miraculous. I will have my life back from pain and loss of motor control!


July 2014

July 2017

Thank you for giving me an alternative to living in pain.


April 2016

He is a kind patient man especially with a very scared old lady like me.


September 2014

He is an excellent surgeon and I highly recommend him.

Dr. Elshihabi is an outstanding surgeon, and a physician who cares about his patients and their families. He goes out of his way to visit with his patients in the hospital and make sure they are doing well. He answers questions completely. His friendly manner makes the patient and the family feel at ease and comfortable.


March 2013

Dr. Elshihabi did brain surgery on my 90-year-old mother last month. She had fallen several times and had an internal brain bleed that showed up on a CAT scan. She has recovered remarkable well. Not only is he a great surgeon but very calm, compassionate and personable. He came to see Mom every day after her surgery. Without this surgery, she would likely be suffering greatly or dead. I happened to see another Google review about this doctor by a man named Andy. This guy must have cancelled at the last second or did not show up for an appointment, Dr. Elshihabi has been in practice quite a few years and is NOT the kind of person who would bill for any services not rendered. 


September 2016

Thank you Dr. Elshihabi for fixing my neck. I have had constant headaches since I broke my neck in 1985. The past two years they have gradually gotten worse to the point of unbearable. You fused my fourth and fifth vertebrae. I had immediate relief and have continued to feel better every day. You aren't just a good doctor: you are a kind and caring person. Thank means a lot. Thank you again.



August, 2017

I would recommend Dr. Said Elshihabi to everyone. Amazing job on surgery. He’s not a butcher. He did my neck surgery, I didn't have swallowing, or choking issues like surgery before. The incision is not very noticeable unlike other incision from previous surgery. Communication is very clear, great bed side manner, he takes time and listens. seems to be courteous and kind.


January 2016

He was fantastic! I met him on a Tues., had an MRI & had surgery the next day. I felt completely confident in him after meeting him only 24 hrs. before surgery. His bedside manner was remarkable. My follow up meeting continued to re-enforce my confidence & willingness to recommend him.


September 2013​​​

Dr. Elshihabi was amazing in his skills as a surgeon and as a doctor. My husband doesn't like to go to doctors but needed his back operated on. Dr. Elshihabi took his time and sat down (never have seen that with a Dr.) and went over everything with my husband. Answered all questions. I would recommend this office to anyone. 


August 2016

After researching a Dr for a 3rd opinion, I knew from when he introduced himself that I liked him! My daughter who brought me had many questions and the Dr. was eager to answer & demonstrate using the MRI & X-rays that I had brought with me. During my visit, I felt at ease.


November 2013


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As a long time "weekend warrior" athlete in my 60's, I was compelled to retire from pitching recreational league softball due to my spinal stenosis condition. I was referred to Dr. E by another doctor friend and am so glad to have been referred. Dr. E is blessed with both extraordinary skills as a neurosurgeon and an amiable personality, with a sense of humor, to comfort and reassure his patients. His demeanor leads a staff that is both congenial and caring. After more than a month since my surgery, I have made great progress and am on the road to a full recovery of a formerly uncomfortable and often painful condition. As a professional myself, an attorney-at-law, I am both humbled and thankful for Dr. E's professional and personal skills. I highly recommend both him and his office. As he advertises, it takes a brain surgeon to fix your back! So true.

Jeffery Diamond

Dr. Elshihabi and his entire staff were warm and caring in talking with my elderly mother and me about her injury and took time to explain the options for treatment. We were nervous about the procedure considering her age, but Dr Elshihabi did a wonderful job with attentive follow up after surgery. The entire staff is wonderful, there really is a family atmosphere at his clinic. We couldn’t be more pleased with the entire experience.

Taylor Fendley

I came to Dr. Elshihabi , a 74 year old with spinal stenosis, in pain and very afraid of surgery. I had already finished a series of shots without much relief. He showed me my MRI and explained what was wrong and what needed to be done in words that I understood. He also took time to answer all my questions and calm my fears. He made me feel more confident about the possibility of living without pain. I thank Dr. Elshihabi and his staff for their caring attitude and recommend him to everyone! Cannot thank you enough for giving my life back PAIN FREE!!

Betty Walker

Dr. Elshihabi saw me for the first time on Friday, just before the Memorial Day weekend. I was in excruciating pain and he admitted me to the hospital that day and performed an emergency discectomy on multiple levels on Sunday morning. I can’t think him enough, This is most definitely a surgeon with his heart in the right place.

Stuart Roe

I started treatment with Dr E this year when my prior Neurosurgon moved his practice. Dr E performed my fourth back surgery (two level laminectomy) two months ago with amazing results. I have had almost no pain and was up walking two miles the next day. This has by far been the best result of my four back surgeries.

Charlie Foster​

I became a patient of Dr. Elshihabi and his staff after being in an automobile accident. He is very professional, understanding, but most of all he treats me with respect. He takes his time to explain diagnosis, options, and treatment plans! Then, gives me the opportunity to ask questions and he answers them. He has given me the some great level of patient care throughout my entire treatment!  I highly recommend Dr. Elshihabi and his staff!      



Dr. Elshihabi performed my ACDF, c5-6 in October 2018. I can't say enough good things about my experience with his practice. He and his staff were my advocates in dealing with insurance, and truly made me feel like family. My surgery was without complication, and the same level of attentiveness and concern has been extended throughout all of my follow up appointments. I would definitely recommend Legacy Brain and Spine to anyone in need; don't live with your pain unnecessarily.  My only regret is that I didn't see Dr. E sooner. 


B. Smallwood

I was blessed to have met Dr. Elshihabi from being in an accident.  I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for your fantastic care.  The quality and integrity as a surgeon shine through.  I cannot thank you enough for your excellent care you have provided. From the moment I met you, I felt you were God sent.  Again, your expert care saved my life, you have a special gift and are a true vessel of God!


Kenneth L Driscol

Met Dr. E in December and based on his recommendation he completed my surgery to repair my stenosis of the C3-C7 vertebra.  Dr. E exudes a tremendous amount of self confidence which makes me feel very comfortable with his operation.  After 3 months I am completely cured and playing golf again. I would not hesitate to return if need be or to recommend Dr. E to anyone.


Frank Moran​

Finding Dr. E was an answer to prayer! I went to him for a second opinion after I was told I needed to have a 2 stage spinal fusion.  As soon as I met Dr. E I felt comfortable and like I was a member of the Legacy Brain and Spine Family!  After reviewing my MRI he felt very strongly that a fusion would not be successful for me and we met several times over the course of 4 months to develop a treatment plan that was minimally invasive and had a short recovery.  Today, I feel like a new person! Dr. E and his team truly saved my life and created a path for healing so I can continue to do the things a young active 32 year old should do!  They are fantastic and while I hope I never have to go back for more issues with my back, I look forward to them being on my care team if I do! Thank you! You guys are an answer to my prayers and I am so thankful God put you all in my path! 


Emily Crane​

Dr. Elshihabi is a LIFE CHANGER!!!!  I was a Chef for 15 years and once my back pain started, I just assumed it was the long hours on my feet and bad posture due to low prep tables.  I accepted my fate and thought, well, this is just how life is going to be now. 
Fast forward 5 years and the pain was literally crippling, I had no sensation in my legs...completely numb except for pain.  Then I met Dr. E. and after an MRI had showed a couple herniated disks and a very gnarly herniated disk, Dr. E and his staff went through possible options and treatments.  Ultimately surgery was the best, and really the only option to fix my back.  Now mind you, I've never had surgery.  I've never broken a bone.  I've never had to go to a hospital even.  So when I say I was terrified of surgery, I mean I was completely petrified.  Dr. E and his staff explained the entire process to me, leaving out no detail, and they even showed me a video of how the procedure would go.  I cannot explain to you how comfortable that made me.  When I walked into the surgery center, knowing I would be put under anesthesia, I had the confidence and trust that everything was going to be okay, solely thanks to doc and his team.  Dr. E and his entire staff made me feel like I was part of their family.  In pre OP Dr. E came in to talk with me briefly to make sure I didn't have any last minute questions, and while he was there, he made a few jokes which again made me feel like family and completely eased my tension.  Post OP, once I got home and all the anesthetics had worn off, I realised for the first time in over 5 years, I had sensation in my legs.  Not only was I 100% pain free... I COULD FEEL AGAIN!!  Now I can pick up my son and play as a dad should.  I dont have to worry about stabbing pains in my back and leg.  I can get back to doing things that would have been impossible to do had I never met Dr. E.
Doc...I love you man, you're family, and you have honestly changed my life.  I can never thank you enough for this.


Jordan Williams

Dr. Elshihabi performed back surgery on me in September 2018 and changed my life forever! After two years of excruciating pain, I am now pain free!! Thank you Dr. Elshihabi for helping me to live again!! ‘It took a brain surgeon to fix my back!’




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