Legacy Brain and Spine, LLC has the following positions available

Personal Injury Accounts Receivable Specialist


Consistent and thorough follow up on all discharged cases to obtain status and expedite payments


  • An A/R aging report will be given to the staff by the 5th of each month to work.  The specialists will be assigned either the over 90 day, or 180 day based upon the greatest number of case volume

  • The specialist will review the patient’s chart to ensure all applicable signed liens are in the chart, as well as signed HIPAA releases.  If any signed documentation is missing, contact the firm and/or patient to obtain the missing information.  Once the chart is complete, contact the attorney firm and obtain an updated case status

  • Once the case status has been obtained, the specialist will update the status on the Master PI spreadsheet located on the Google drive

  • The specialist will then update the case status for each individual claim in the EMR. 


Must have previous A.R. and Medical office experience. High School Diploma or Equivalent. 3 to 5 years of work experience in a similar role.

Bilingual Medical Assistant


Provide clinical support and assistance to both providers and patients to manage patient clinic flow in an efficient and positive manner.


  • Once the patient has been marked checked in, take the patient back to an available exam room 

  • Triage the visit and record all patient vital signs

  • Request records on patients (if applicable)

  • Access imaging for provider review

  • At the end of the visit, work with the assigned provider to ensure all referrals, orders, and prescriptions are accurate and entered into both the chart and/or on the patient’s passport

  • Call in prescriptions or dispense medications to Lien and Workman’s Comp patients as prescribed  

  • Perform medication prior authorizations as ordered through Cover My Meds

  • Perform brain scope testing as ordered 

  • Scan in patient Review of Systems & PHQ-9 forms

  • Add imaging reports into the patient’s chart

  • Check emails and voicemails from patients, and reply within 24 hours

  • Review, take action, and address all faxes assigned in the fax inbox

  • Review all open orders and referrals in the assigned inbox to ensure results have been added prior to marking addressed

  • Scan in and file away all dispensed medication invoices

  • Tracking all sample medications to ensure adequate stock levels 

  • Clean and sanitize all patient rooms and equipment

  • Available MA - P2P Referral Management (R incoming jelly bean).  Click on each incoming P2P referral.  Contact the patient to schedule the appointment.  Then create the referral and address it.  If the patient has been contacted once daily for 3 days (3 attempts total),  then note the referral and mark it as addressed.


eClinicalWorks experience is preferred. Must be able to communicate in English and Spanish. Must have previous medical office experience. High School Diploma or Equivalent. 3 to 5 years of work experience in a similar role. Must be able to work 3 days a week at the Riverdale location and 2 days a week at the Tucker location.

Workers Compensation and Legal Case Manager


Ensure all incoming referrals are processed timely, all cases are followed through to treatment discharge while providing a high level of customer service to patients, and all incoming referral sources, i.e. physicians, attorney offices, funding companies and Workman’s Comp case managers.


  • Forward any incoming referrals for PI cases to the call center staff to create a referral in EClinical Works, schedule the patient appointment and forward to the assigned case manager for outreach.

  • Prior to the initial outreach, review the patient’s chart to ensure all required information has been entered.  Notate any missing information to request from the referral source.

  • Initiate an introductory call with the referral source, notifying them of the patient’s upcoming scheduled appointment, provide your contact information as the Legacy single point of contact, obtain the source point of contact, along with any other required information, i.e., policy limits (deck page from insurance if available) and date of injury.

  • Create the “case manager” record in EClinicalWorks. 

  • An attorney lien must be signed by the first scheduled appointment and scanned into EClinicalWorks with all other pertinent case documentation to close the intake process.

  • For patients requiring transportation, enter a calendar invite to the front office staff to arrange transportation both to and from the appointment. 

  • After each visit, communicate the visit outcome and treatment plan to the referral source contact.  Obtain any approvals for recommended testing, procedures, and imaging.

  • Once the patient has been discharged from treatment, the case will be forwarded to the internal Legacy Billing Department for bills and records to be sent to the referral source for payment.

  • Review each case at a minimum once per month to ensure case is current and still treating.  If not, please notify Legacy billing so they can begin their payment demand process.

  • Schedule requested IME’s, and add to the IME spreadsheet.  Appointments should be no less than 2 weeks out, liens must be signed by both patient and attorney, and associated medical records received.  An invoice will be sent to the attorney, and payment must be received prior to the appointment.  Once payment is received, add to the IME spreadsheet as paid in full.


Must have eClinicalWorks and previous medical office experience. High School Diploma or Equivalent. 3 to 5 years of work experience in a similar role. Must have a positive helpful attitude and ability to discuss issues with physicians and relay information in a timely manner. Should have a strong working knowledge of Worker’s Compensation insurance and medical terminology.

Applicants that are interested in a position may apply by emailing a resume indicating the position of interest to: 

Only those individuals that have been determined to be a good match for an opening will be contacted for an interview.  

We proudly accept Medicare, Tricare, and the majority of all commercial insurances.

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